Saturday, June 30, 2012

The fourth pillow from the set of four

Pillow front panel 16.5x16.5 inches
Well, here is the fourth mate to the small family of pillows. Would you believe that this front took 41 squares of four sizes: 27 squares 1.5x1.5 inches, 9 squares 3x3 inches, 3 squares of 4.5x4.5 inches, and 2 squares of 6x6 inches. All four pillow front panels collectively, needed 119 squares of various sizes. I can't believe that I actually sewed so many little pieces together.
Now I am planning the backs of these pillow cases. Originally, I thought I will make them solid color, but now I am considering to add few squares as well. I have been thinking for a while how to execute the backs and having few pieces of color in the majority of solid color is drawing my attention at present. The only drawback is that I am not very excited right now to make more squares. I could also make the backs using different colored stripes. As you can see, the ideas are arising, none are sticking yet as being great.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

An interesting process

Universe is the unfolding and enfolding of energy,  mass, time and space
Watercolor, gouache, ink, colored pencils,  10x13 inches

I just finished this. It had me captivated. The colors look better in the original and I had a hard time photographing this. The painting began as a mire of ink colors that I poured on. I put saran wrap over the wet inks on let it dry. Well,when it dried, it was a challenge to "listen" what needs to happen next. I thought of my favorite birds, herons. After drawing the right one, I painted negatively all around it. Then the second one, on the left,  got drawn in and I painted the negative space around the bird shapes again. The broken like grid left by the saran wrap was interesting to me and the painting looked as if it had two dimensions. I liked that. The previous night, I was leading meditation group, and I had a short talk using Bohm's observation: The Universe is an unfolding and enfolding of energy, mass, time and space. This stuck in my mind and I wanted to evoke the continual change as a result of the unfolding and enfolding. I used dots of gouache to portray that solid objects are actually aggregations of particles and not solid at all. The grid gave me the feeling of reality being assembled and disassembled from moment to moment, shape shifting and so having a dream like quality.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Precession of Mooses

Procession of Mooses, 8x10 inches
Watercolor, ink, metallic pen, gouache
I loved making this painting. It started as a watercolor. I poured the watercolor on Arches 140lb cold press paper and after it dried, I repeated the process few more times. It sat in my studio for about six months. Last week, I decided to be challenged by the shapes and colors. I used Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Inks for the next pour of color. What I like about these inks is their waterproof quality once dry, and so glazing over them with watercolors does not invite muddiness. Then, I began to study the shapes and use watercolors to increase contrasts and define shapes. After that, I began to see the picture and all I had to do is to reach for gouaches. I have many colors premixed in small plastic containers and they seem to last for ever. The process of putting dots down is very meditative. I also used metallic gel pen to add copper hued lines. I actually really like this picture. It is the first one since my art education courses, that brought me back to that place of marvel and participation with imagination in a child like way. I love that when it happens.


Madrona, 10x13 inches,
Watercolor and colored pencils
This week has been good for being in the studio. Couple of days ago, I finished this little picture. I was so inspired by looking at art quilting books that I was needing to experiment with it on the paper. I began with watercolors, after drawing the grid. The results were so and so and the colors were not really to my satisfaction. And so I pulled out my Prismacolor box of pencils and went at it with gusto for about four days. I used hot press Arches 140lb paper and I was glad that I did, as I needed to lift some watercolor off in few places with a "magic sponge" from Cheap Joes. It worked beautifully, withstanding the scrubbing without fraying.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The third pillow from set of four

Pillow 3 of 4
I figure that it takes me a month to sew these bits and pieces into a 16 x 16 inches squares. I sew a little every day or so.  I just finished drawing the grid for the fourth one. It sure is a process and I am looking forward to have the four of them done. And then, I plan to get my hands into free form quilting. I have been considering dyeing some fabric. It would be another learning curve to negotiate and I must say, right now I am feeling a bit on the lazy side.