Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pair of bright spots

"Treasure Chest", 14x14 inches, patchwork pillow case
"Shinto Shrine", 14x14 inches, patchwork pillow case

I just completed a pair of pillow cases. I am really pleased how they turned out. One of them is going to be auctioned off on Saturday. I have a hard time deciding which one. They do look good together.

I am planning to make more, as I think they look good in set of two's or threes. Any thoughts on this?

The "Treasure Chest" sold at the auction for $100. Great!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The fifth pillow completes the set

I have been very busy. The fifth pillow is large: 20x30 inches. It took quite a while to get all the paper piecing together. The weather was beautiful as well and so it was more important to take walks outside. I got to actually rediscover some wonderful trails in the neighboring state park and walked about an hour almost every day.

Studio time at this point is non-existent. I am so preoccupied with patch-working. After completing the pillows to re-invent the forty year old sectional, I had loads of scraps of fabric and so I began to sew these together without a plan. What fun!!! and what freedom to do whatever I wanted to:
I need to make a donation to a fundraising auction  and so I took the lower right medallion and began to enlarge it to make a pillow case for a 14x14 inches pillow. I just finished the front panel and all I need to do is finish the back and insert the zipper into the lower seam line. I have learned a great deal about constructing this pillow case and I think that I am getting the gestalt of how it all goes together.  I wanted it well finished inside, with no raw edges showing: