Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reflections on 2014

It has been a full year, mostly dedicated to sewing. The desire to paint is there, though time has not been available. To answer that tug in my heart, I have registered for couple of classes in the fall of this year. While these have not jumpstarted my painting, I am not giving up. The New Year will begin with two more classes online classes.  I do not know where they will lead while I remain open and curious. In May and June I had an exhibit of my watercolors and sewn pieces. The exhibit was very well received and I was happy about that. I am most grateful for all the friendships that have supported me through out this year.  

This is a jacket I made for a dear friend. It took two months to complete.

A purse for another friend

Tote for a daughter of a friend. 

Beside sewing and dreaming of painting, I spend a lot of time reading, sitting in circles with women, walking and letting myself to accept what is present with open, relaxed, and curious mind. On the whole, I feel blessed. May all of you who visit this blog be well, content and blossoming.