Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Waterways" 36.5" x 36.5" wall hanging

I am trying to expand in size. This was a real enjoyable project, taking about three weeks to complete. I am focusing on getting few wall hangings done for a show in May and June. This is the first one.

Here is the work in progress on the design wall. I love the wall because I can shift pieces around to play with different arrangements.

Below is a photo to see the values.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Growing" quilted pillow 15"x15"

"Growing" front panel
 This is the second pillow I finished recently. I love the red fabric. It has such a rich hue. I do not know where the name came from. The vertical stripes on the front panel remind me of vegetation, but the back panel has horizontal orientation. I suppose I could think of growing sideways that happens to lot of us with aging... or not.
"Growing" back panel

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Ladders" quilted pillow 15"x15"

"Ladders" front panel

Overwhelmed by events, finally I have completed this design. I am getting adjusted to having less time sewing, not painting, but gardening instead and then recupperating my sore body. The weather is spectacular and so I love being outdoors.

"Ladders" back panel

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pillows are ready for Raven Rocks Gallery

I feel like a proud mama with all of her nine babies. I am taking the pillows to the local gallery and must admit that I feel little sad letting them go. They will be there for couple months to test public interest. I am really pleased with how they turned out and whatever the outcome, they will always be welcomed home.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sweatshirt renewal

 I took a class on how to turn a sweatshirt into a jacket. Charlie gave me his old work sweatshirt and  cut it all at the seams to place and sew fabrics on top. At times, this was really difficult, because the shirt was stretched out way too much. If I ever do that again, I would use a new sweatshirt, though I promised myself to not do that again. But who knows, I never seem to know where my interest leads me next and so I would not be surprised to begin another one, this time cutting it in the middle of the front to make a jacket, as the teacher wanted us to do. I did not want to go there with weirdly stretched fabric and so it remained a pullover jacket. Below, is the beginning of the back. The sleeves are still attached and I did have to cut them off eventually, because they would not lie flat when the whole thing was opened up for sewing.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Looking in" and "Looking out" quilted pillows

"Looking out" front panel, 15"x15"
"Looking out" back panel, "15"x15"
"Looking in" front panel, 15"x15"
"Looking in" back panel, 15"x15"
Finally, I was able to sew again. I have not been feeling well and now I feel better. I am grateful. I do not have much to say, except having regrets that I have almost used up all the dark fabric with the leaves on it. I am not able to replenish the supply. Alas, that is what happens in the world of batiks, so I am told. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Reflections" quilted pillow 15"x15"

"Reflections" front
 Number 7 of 12 to make was finished yesterday. Life is speeding by incredibly fast. I have been quite busy with many other things that I need to attend to. Hopefully, I will begin a new pillow soon. I am also beginning to stir inside about painting again.
"Reflections" back

Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Golden Gate" quilted pillow 15"X15"

"Golden Gate" front panel
The other day, I wanted to learn how to work with triangles. I sewed a few squares using four triangles in each. I enjoyed the precision it required for the points to meet. That was fun, but the result was very boring to me. The greatest fun came from slicing the squares and making something more interesting. The red lines reminded me of San Francisco Golden Gate bridge and thus the title. The back panel is below.
"Golden Gate" back panel

Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Prism" quilted pillow 15"x15"

"Prism"- front panel 15"x15"
It has been a while since I posted. I got sick mid January, and it is only this week that I am beginning to feel like I have crawled out of a hole. I have been sewing little in February, as energy allowed me to. Red has been the color I have indulged myself with. I finally got the construction committed to my memory. I also decided to do the borders differently. So far, I am still enjoying the process. The back panel is below. And as for my kitty, all is well. The lesion on his back disappeared with application of an ointment. What a relief.
"Prism"- back panel 15"x15'

Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Sunrise" quilted pillow, 15"X15"

"Sunrise" - front - 15"x15"
"Sunrise" - back- 15"x15"
Another pillow done. A local gallery is interested in selling my pillows. I have about four months to make about a dozen of them, and so I am focusing more on how to get them done easier. Slowly, I am getting it. I still continue to enjoy the process of sewing and what a perfect thing to do when it is dark and cold outside.

Our cool kitty MyKi has an area of concern on his back. I need to take him to the vet and hope the finding is not malignant... I am worried...

Monday, January 7, 2013

"By the Sea" quilted pillow

Blue is what this pillow is about. I have been dreaming about a cabin by the blue sea, with warm sandy beach, something like Costa Rica was many years ago. I have been dreaming of walking on the beach and getting my feet wet as I listen to the waves... it almost is as if I could be there, but not quite. Sewing this pillow got me into the mood of that tropical warmth though. It did not hurt to have the house warm.
"By the Sea" front panel, 15"x15" quilted pillow

"By the Sea" back panel, 15"x15" quilted pillow

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Tropical night" quilted pillow

Happy New Year to all of you!!!

"Tropical night" front panel, 15"x15"
It is a beautiful day today. Cool, sunny and delightful. We just finished a great walk through the woods. it is so incredibly green in places. This is certainly not reflected in this piece. I loved the indigo colored fabric. It reminds me of midnight darkness illuminated by a full moon....

"Tropical night" back panel