Friday, December 28, 2012

Design board is filling up with possibilities!

The holidays and short dark days are not very productive for me. The other day, I found an afternoon to piece together small bits of strips and played with making medallions. I like doing this.

Now I have some material to play with. The two dark blue pieces in the first picture are close to completion and I will send the picture of this pillow case soon.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Hawaiian Hut" - quilted pillow 15x15

"Hawaiian Hut" front panel, 15x15

I am continuing to focus on sewing. The studio in the garden is getting colder and colder. The light is getting dimmer as winter approaches. How wonderful to have a sewing room in the house that is toasty warm.

I had fun doing this one. The triangular shapes are from a rescue of scraps I found in the garbage can of the fabric store that I go to once a month to be with a circle of women. What an exciting find! I am grateful to the woman that deposited the triangular shapes there.

As you possibly can see, the triangles stimulated my imagination to create huts, windows and pillars.

"Hawaiian Hut" back panel, 15x15

The back panel has only a window framed by vegetation. Hawaii is a wonderful spot on Earth. I used a zipper for closure visible on the bottom. The pillow panels are quilted and sewn together. The binding is excess fabric from the front panel folded over and this time hand stitched to the back. I discovered loving to hand stitch, so relaxing.