Thursday, November 22, 2012


"Garden" ,15x15inches pillow case

It is  Thanksgiving day today, quiet and the garden outside is full of exquisite muted colors. But this pillow design reminds me of the summer colors I find in my garden.

I enjoyed the pinks and purple shades both in the flowers that bloomed, and in the batiks that I have  collected.

The back panel of "Garden"

I am finding that focusing on the unseen aspects of the pillow captivate me as well. I think I spent more time with this panel. I did insert zipper as a closure toward the bottom. I am still struggling with the closure aspect of construction and think that I will explore "invisible zipper ". I was advised to not use velcro. The flap construction I used on the previous pillow hid the zipper with a flap, but when I put the pillow form into it, it spread out and so that did not work as a solution. One possibility would be to use buttons, but I am not crazy about that option. I have been watching You-tube for zipper placement tutorials and will continue to do so to achieve a more satisfactory result.

Monday, November 12, 2012

"Portal", 15x15 pillow case

I tried a new construction on this pillow. Because the front and back panels are thick, I decided to sew them together with right sides up, and use the extra fabric from the front panel to fold over to the back to create a mitered border. I like the idea of having a small flange, making the pillow size 15x15 inches

This is the back side. The photo looks bleached out. I do have trouble with taking photos still. On this one, I used zipper for a closure. It is hidden by a flap of fabric at the bottom. I am thinking to use velcro strip on the next one. The head of the zipper was getting in the way because of its bulk...