Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reflections on 2014

It has been a full year, mostly dedicated to sewing. The desire to paint is there, though time has not been available. To answer that tug in my heart, I have registered for couple of classes in the fall of this year. While these have not jumpstarted my painting, I am not giving up. The New Year will begin with two more classes online classes.  I do not know where they will lead while I remain open and curious. In May and June I had an exhibit of my watercolors and sewn pieces. The exhibit was very well received and I was happy about that. I am most grateful for all the friendships that have supported me through out this year.  

This is a jacket I made for a dear friend. It took two months to complete.

A purse for another friend

Tote for a daughter of a friend. 

Beside sewing and dreaming of painting, I spend a lot of time reading, sitting in circles with women, walking and letting myself to accept what is present with open, relaxed, and curious mind. On the whole, I feel blessed. May all of you who visit this blog be well, content and blossoming.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Framed fabric patchwork compositions

I am beginning to make small fabric patchwork compositions that I am framing. The frame is 15x12 inches and the window is 7.5x9.5 inches. I found these wonderful bamboo frames in Dan Smith. They come assembled, with glass, matt and ready to be hung. What I love about these frames is that it is so easy to take the back off and put a different piece of art work in. 

I love to play with shapes and colors. Fabric is such an interesting medium. The additional challenge of sewing, designing and working with seam allowances, and angles keeps me involved in much different way then watercolors. The creative process involves an element of construction. I also like fabric more then collages. The glue medium was a bit too much for me to handle and enjoy, and of course the paper would stick to my fingers or fly easily off. The show will be opening in May. Now I need to focus on cutting mats for some of my watercolors. That is going to be a learning curve for me.

"Out of Africa"

"Out of Africa" -framed

"Summer house"

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Community" 40"x40"

I just completed this wallhanging. It took me two months and it is the largest piece  to date.  I was challenged technically, and was able to find solutions. I decided to quilt with invisible thread, and I have learned to be very patient. This piece is going to be exhibited in May-June,  along with a selection of my watercolors. I am pleased with the way it turned out. Creating the twenty five blocks was great fun. It actually gave me some ideas for sewing small pieces and framing them. Below are pictures of few of the blocks. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Waterways" 36.5" x 36.5" wall hanging

I am trying to expand in size. This was a real enjoyable project, taking about three weeks to complete. I am focusing on getting few wall hangings done for a show in May and June. This is the first one.

Here is the work in progress on the design wall. I love the wall because I can shift pieces around to play with different arrangements.

Below is a photo to see the values.