Monday, May 28, 2012


" Gateways", watercolor 8"x11", May 2012
Finally, spending time in the studio with watercolors. I have been drawn to grids... I imagine patch-working is imprinted on my mind. Here, I was using only three colors, peacock blue, cadmium yellow and scarlet lake. I was also experimenting with layering washes. I used Arches cold press 140 lb paper and what a treat that was. I always used cheaper papers and I will not do that much more. The only thing about the paper is that it buckled after using hairdryer. And so I stretched some more paper, soaking it first in water and using gummed tape. I also will experiment with hot press Arches paper to see how I like that.

What to say about the piece? The grey shapes just wanted to be there in that way as a contrast  to the colors and shapes of the background: colorful vs. neutral, organic vs. geometric. In a way, to me it may suggest that we come into the world of colors and patterns through mother's gateway. We appear as if from nothing into the something that the world is. And that suggest a huge contrast in existence. We pattern our existence through our nervous system and for the most part the dimension we came from is forgotten. The doorway is however there, within our consciousness and the movement is inward, in contrast to the physical birth being outward movement.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pillow # 4 completed

16.5"x16.5" Pillow cover #3 front panel
It has been a while since I posted anything. I have been busy with many things. I finally finished the Pillow #4 panel. I decided to make four pillows with these square motives. Yesterday, I began #5, the third one in the series of squares. I am really enjoying patching. My collection of fabrics is growing and selection of colors is getting more complicated. But then, it is fun.
This is my design wall. It is 4'x6' cork like board, covered with grey felt. What you see is a layout of Pillow #3. This one will have two large squares diagonally placed. I am curious how it will look at the end. I never know how it will really turn out until I am done.

I also began to paint with watercolors, finally. These are mostly 7"x7" studies. I am getting the feeling for how they actually flow. And so life is good. I am grateful.